Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cinema

While home over the holidays, I spent a day out with 2 of my cousins, leaving Scott alone with Ethan. Scott had a whole day planned. He was going to take Ethan out for lunch, and then head to the cinema. Ethan could choose between The Chipmunks or The Princess and the Frog. After spending numerous days in Grandpa's basement watching Disney movie after Disney movie, we were sure he'd choose the latter. However, Ethan didn't want to go. Out. At all. He spent the whole day in his pajamas!

A few days later, the 3 of us went out for lunch. While we were out, we went to the cinema and showed Ethan the 2 movies we thought he'd want to see. He surprised us, and chose neither. He seemed scared of going inside the theatre, and we let him be.

Coming back to Dar, we forgot all about taking Ethan to the movies. Then last week, Janita called. She was taking Georgie, Yasmin and Natasha to the cinema to see the Chipmunks, and wanted to know if Ethan wanted to join them. "NO!" he answered. We didn't push him. We were already at Mlimani, so we continued our shopping and went for lunch. While eating at Marry Brown, Ethan saw another Ethan. He knew he'd met the other Ethan before, and was in awe of him. Kelly (Ethan's mom) mentioned they were taking the kids to see the Chipmunks. Our Ethan sat up a little straighter, but still didn't want to see the movie. Georgie, Natasha and Yasmin all came by and invited Ethan to join them. No, he still didn't want to go. But then the other Ethan left Marry Brown's. Our Ethan just HAD to know where he was heading. This time, he felt a little braver about going to the cinema.

Just like he was when we went to the Theatre, Ethan was nervous about sitting inside the theatre. This time he chose Daddy's lap to sit on. And just like he was with the 2 live shows, Ethan loved the movie!

Who would've guessed that Ethan's first time watching a movie on the big screen, it would be in a cinema in Dar and he'd watch The Chipmunks!