Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids Rock

For the past few years, the Little Theatre has presented a musical every spring. Tina does an amazing job. Talented people from Dar rehearse for months, the get on stage for a week, and sing and dance, and entertain us talentless ones.

Last year, Tina's daughter, Kelly, took over. Kids Rock was the musical. The entire show was done by kids. Not a single adult was on stage. It was a great show. Nothing could outdo it. Or so we thought......

Kelly and Tina were back at it again this year. Kids Rock On has been at the Little Theatre for over a week now. Adults are not allowed on stage! Even the choreography was done by a student!!!

After our wonderful experiences at the Panto and The Wizard of Oz, I thought I'd take Ethan to see this. He loves to sing and dance, so he should love this. Nope! Ethan refused to go. For weeks I'd tell him about it, and for weeks he'd tell me he didn't want to go. Then Ethan met Harry.....

Harry lives across from us. He's in Grade 5, and one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet. Ethan idolizes Harry. And Harry is so kind to Ethan. Whenever he sees Ethan, he makes a point of saying hi and having a conversation. I once saw Harry and said 'hi'. Big mistake. "He's my friend mommy, not yours!"

I told Ethan that Harry was in the show. Would he now, maybe want to see it. Oh yes!!!! So Sunday, Ethan and I had a date! Scott had work to do, so Ethan and I went to the Little Theatre. We had a bag of crisps for dinner, and at the interval, ice cream was the dessert.

As usual, when we sat down, Ethan decided he didn't want to be there. He climbed onto my lap, and nuzzled his face into my shoulder. But then the music started. And yes, once again, as soon as the music started, Ethan had to look. "Mommy! Look! There's Harry!!!!" And he was enthralled.

We've had to change the name of the show from Kids Rock On, to There's Harry. For the entire show, Ethan looked for Harry. The first few sets had Hannah Montana songs, which Ethan recognised. So when he couldn't find Harry, it was ok. But if he didn't recognise the song, then he had to find Harry! It was all about Harry!

After the show, Ethan asked if he could please go see Harry. When we saw him, Ethan became shy. Was so sweet. The next day, Ethan insisted on giving Harry some chocolate that he made, to say thanks for the show.

Hmmm.... is this idolization, or a crush?