Monday, February 15, 2010


For those that don't know, I'm a huge fan of the Little Theatre, here in Dar. Every Christmas season, they put on a Pantomime. This year, I decided to take Ethan along. The Theatre was putting on a production of Cinderella. And although I'm not sure Ethan knows the story, I was pretty sure he'd enjoy it.

Scott was in SA the weekend of the show, so Ethan and I had a date. We both dressed up, and headed to the theatre for some dinner and a show. Dinner, of course consisted of crisps and a soda. Ethan was a little nervous when he walked into the theatre. He decided he would not be watching the show, and sat with his face buried into the back of the seat. But as the music, singing and dancing began, Ethan couldn't help but watch. In awe. I believe his mouth was hanging open during some parts.

A Panto generally has one dame. We were blessed this year with not one, not 2, not even 3, but 4, yes that's right, four dames! Ethan called the two stepsisters 'clowns', wasn't sure what to think of the fairy, and was terrified of the step mother!

After the success of Ethan's first live theatre event, we thought we'd try it again in Toronto. The Living Arts Centre had a touring production of The Wizard of Oz. Scott's dad bought us all tickets. So once again, we're off to the theatre.
Again, Ethan was very nervous walking into the theatre. He really wanted to go home. Putting his head into the back of his seat was not going to work either. This time, he needed a lap. Mommy's lap.
But just like the Panto, when the music and singing started, Ethan was hooked. He couldn't keep his eyes off the show. He was loving every minute and even gave us commentaries on the witch. He did not think she was very nice!
It would appear that Ethan takes after his mother. He LOVES the Theatre. Now, we just have to wait another 4 years before Ethan's old enough to participate in a Panto of his own!


Faiza said...

we should see a show when you are home for xmas!