Monday, November 1, 2010

The Never-Ending Halloween Weekend

I love Halloween, but I think this year, we overdosed a little. Two days, 4 parties. Yikes!

It all started on Saturday. The Little Theatre held a charity Halloween party. Ethan dressed as Buzz Lightyear, and I decided to dress up as well, and went as a witch. 

The party was fabulous! They had face painting, colouring contests, apple bobbing, bobbing in slim for a sweet, bobbing in flour for a sweet, coconut shy, hanging donuts, and so much more. Ethan was intimidated. He stuck by me like glue. 

We decided to check out the dance studio, where Shela had the kids dancing up a storm. Ethan wasn't too sure about that either. I honestly thought we should head home, when suddenly, Ethan heard Shela singing:
Here is a box
Put on the lid
I wonder whatever is under the lid?
Could it be?
Why yes!
Without any doubt
Open the box
And let it come out!

Well that did it! Ethan was now dancing and singing, and believed this was the best Halloween he's ever been to! 

Towards the end of the party, they had the children walk in a parade and show off their wonderful costumes. Ethan's mate, Daniela, won best costume for children under 5 (she's 1.5 years). While Ethan was happy for her, he was very upset that he didn't get a prize. So I decide to see if I can find a candy or something that could be his "prize". While I'm searching, I hear they are starting a raffle, and lo and behold, our number is called! "Ethan, you just won a prize!!!" Ethan won breakfast at the Southern Sun. Can't do much better than that!

After the party, we dropped Ethan at my parents' place, and we got ready for our Halloween bash. Once again, the Little Theatre went all out for the adult party.

Halloween proves to be a great holiday for Scott and I, as this year we won a home entertainment system! 

After the Little Theatre party, we decided to go to Garden Bistro for some more dancing and fun!

Sunday morning began with a Halloween breakfast at Jade and Kael's (Ethan's mates). Vanessa went all out with a fabulous breakfast. Since Ethan's Buzz costume was being washed, he decided to dress up as a pirate.

After breakfast, the kids went for a swim, and Vanessa brought out some fun, slimy games for us! Vanessa throws a great Halloween!

Sunday afternoon was the last of the Halloween festivities. Valhalla had a Halloween party. We began around 4:30, with trick-or-treating around the compound. This was Ethan's first time going trick-or-treating. He loved it! Scott had asked him, what he would do if someone asked him for a trick; "Abracadabra, I change you into a frog," he replied. Awesome!

There were about 20-25 houses that participated in the trick-or-treating. We covered about 1/2 of them, and then were too knackered to continue. 

Valhalla really gets into Halloween. One house had a noose. We were told there was someone who died, and a coffin laid near by. If you put your hand near the head of the "coffin", a hand came out. If you dared, you could even take a candy from her.

Another house, the "witch" that lives there made some soup. You needed to put your hand in the soup, and find a coin. This earned you a treat. 

After the trick-or-treating, we all gathered back at the banda. We had some wonderful dinner, everyone brought something to eat, followed by apple bobbing, witches guts, and Halloween stories. 

At 6:45, we brought Ethan home, to shower and get ready for bed (school in the morning). An hour later, I was shattered!

The never-ending-Halloween festivities, came to an end!

Now.... time to start thinking about next year!


ag. said...

Love that Buzz cute!

Faiza said...

halloween is super lucky for you two!!! didn't you win a trip last year?