Sunday, November 20, 2011

Princess Stinky-Toes and the Brave Frog Robert - Leslie Elizabeth Watts

So as a mum and teacher, I read tons of children's books. And although I write about the books I've read, I've never written about a children's book. Until now.

Ethan found this book in my collection. Yes my collection. I cannot recall when I bought it, nor did I remember ever reading it. So when Ethan asked me to read it, I was happy to.

Princess Stinky-Toes and the Brave Frog Robert is not your typical fairytale. Yes, it has the elements of a traditional fairy tale; princess, magic, good vs evil, but that's as far as it goes. This one would be classified as a fractured fairy tale.

As opposed to the helpless princess that relies on a brave knight to save her, this princess is out to save herself. Well, with the help of a brave frog named Robert. She learns a witch intends to feed her to a dragon on her birthday. She also learns the dragon likes beautiful princesses. So instead of accepting her fate, she refuses to bathe for a year, leading her to be a disgusting princess. 

I don't dislike fairy tales. I actually really love them. I even collect Cinderella books. Yes, you read that right. I own about 15 different Cinderella books. And yet while I love my Cinderellas, I'm now a huge fan of Princess Stinky-Toes!