Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writer's Workshop

A couple of weeks ago,
 MamaKat asked us to make a list of
 22 things we have not done.

Last week she asked for a list
of 22 things you have done.

This week she's asking to expand,
tell a story behind one of the things
you've done.

Last week, we had internet issues
so I wasn't able to post my have done list.
So this week, 
 thought I'd combine the two.

22 Things I Have Done

1. I have been to Paris.
When I was working in Canada, 
a mate of mine had her husband surprise her
with a trip to Paris for her 30th.
I told Scott I wanted that.
Well we didn't quite make it for my 30th, 
but we made it there. 

2. I have had a bikini wax.
I only add this, 
as there were posts in the 
have not done 
of people who have not had a bikini wax.
I have.

3. I have been on an African safari.
when you live in Africa,
go on safari.

4. Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro
You cannot live in Tanzania
without having climbed Kili.

5. Given birth
No brainer there.

6. I have had my heart broken.

7. I have trekked through Northern Thailand.

8. Been to Borocay.

9. Been on a cruise of the Greek Islands.

10. I have spent way too much money at Target.
Although I refuse to admit that to my husband.

11. Have had laser eye surgery.
At the moment I was having it done,
 I truly thought it was the dumbest thing I ever did,
but now think it was the greatest.

12. Have had surgery.

13. Gone without power for over 15 hours.
Ah, the joys of Tanzania!

14. Been in the Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam.

15. Watched Grease a gazillion times.

16. Met Michael Damian
And thought that made me the coolest.

17. Been snowboarding.
Or, as I like to say,
I took snowboarding lessons,
and learnt to stop without falling down.

18. I have broken a finger
playing beach volleyball.

19. Taken Indian cooking lessons
but I still cannot cook.

20. Gotten a tattoo and had my belly pierced.
Not on the same day.

21. "Met" some of the best women ever.
I don't know what I'd do without my Seeds.
Although we've never met in person,
this bunch of ladies are some of my best mates.
I cannot imagine not knowing them.

22. I have become a blogger.


Sue said...

I am really enjoying these lists of yours.


Kim said...

That was a great list. I have an eye surgery, too. One of the best things I ever did for myself. No regrets at all.
One day I hope to meet in real life. You are awesome.

Darlene said...

Wow, girl, you have been in a lot of places in this world. I think it remarkable and you have been blessed indeed to be able to travel as much as you have in your young life. And now you are in Tanzania, of all places. Yours has been an interesting life and I would love to know more of it. I hope you keep telling us more about yourself.

Green Goose said...

I've always wanted to visit Greece and once had a PAINFUL crush on Michael Damian. LOL What a fun list!!

visiting through Mama Kat

Arnebya said...

Your travel history is dizzying. And fascinating! If I remember correctly, the Chobe River runs through (or touches) Tanzania (and Botswana). If you see it, smile for my daughter; she's named after it.