Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Humble

Talk about an experience where you felt humbled. 

A former colleague of mine,
helped set up a trust school
here in Lusaka.
A few years ago,
she went to Project Zero
and brought back her knowledge,
not only to our school,
but to Mukwashi Trust as well. 
Every so often,
she would ask the teachers at our school,
if we would mind hosting some 
Mukwashi teachers.
The teachers spend the day
observing our classroom.
This apparently is really useful for them
and they get a lot out of these visits.
The teachers at Mukwashi are eager to learn.
Like children,
they are sponges,
eager to soak up new knowledge.

This week,
one of our teachers
organised a visit to Mukwashi.
It was out turn to observe them.
the director,
had asked we provide 
I was prepared to give some advice.
I was not prepared
to have been inspired.
These teachers are unbelievable.
They have taken 
thinking routines
to a new level.

I observed the grade 1 classroom.
I have 20 wild students in my classroom.
This teacher had close to 30.
As much as I try to keep my voice level down,
when students get loud,
or out of control,
my tone increases.
This teacher spoke in a soft tone.
The whole time.
Even when 2 students were fighting on the carpet
she did not flinch.
She knew her focus was on the students
eager to learn.
She made me realise
that a teacher is a facilitator to 
students' learning.
Not a disciplinarian.

She definitely humbled me. 


mj said...

This is beautifully written. I have the utmost respect for teachers everywhere, and this one sounds exceptional. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Stacey said...

Amazing. Teachers are so often inspiring. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Sue said...

What a great exchange for all of you!


Mama Kat said...

She sounds amazing! What an awesome opportunity for you. I'm definitely more of a yeller, but I'm always intrigued by people who can maintain control without raising their voices. THAT is respect!