Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The App Generation - Howard Gardner & Katie Davis

I really enjoyed this book.
It wasn't filled with any 
ah-ha moments
and really wasn't anything new.
And to be honest,
there were times it got quite dry.
the idea and thoughts behind
this made me think
about how I treat 
Facebook and other apps.

Gardner and Davis look at how 
the digital era affects teens
in three areas;
identity, intimacy and imgaination.
They do not say apps are bad,
but show how we've changed with apps,
how today's generation 
is different through apps.

A great example is the idea of 
getting lost.
I remember being lost.
Trying to figure out where I was.
But today,
my iPhone guides me.

Last year,
I had a unit on migration.
With my Grade 2 students,
we discussed what was important to take with us
when we moved.
Photographs were not something
my students thought of,
since they were all on their phones.

But I digress.

The App Generation 
is a good read.
There's no new ideas
but it does make you
think about how our lives have changed.

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