Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

I've read a lot of reviews,
comparing this book to
Gone Girl.
People who loved the latter
are recommending this one.

I'm someone who wasn't crazy about
Gone Girl
but I loved this one!

The Girl on the Train
is a psychological thriller
told in the POV of the three leading female characters.

Rachel is an alcoholic.
Her marriage fell apart
when she became depressed that she could not conceive.
She turned to alcohol for comfort
and her husband turned to someone else.
she's bitter, divorced and
Yet everyday,
she rides the commuter train to London
where she watches the houses as they go buy
and imagines the life of the people in them.

Megan has a loving husband.
But she has secrets
which causes anxiety.
She seeks the help of a psychologist
and starts to feel better.

Anna seemingly lives a perfect life.
She fell in love with a married man,
but he left his wife for her.
Now they have a beautiful daughter.
But his ex-wife keeps calling
and harassing them.

One day, 
while on the train,
Rachel sees something shocking.
It shatters her image of the people in the houses.
Then a girl goes missing
and Rachel believes she has important information.

Suddenly the lives of these three women
have become intertwined
and what happens next
is shocking!

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