Thursday, June 11, 2015

Writer's Workshop - Disney Princess

If you had to choose a Disney princess 
to live the rest of your life as....
which princess would you choose
and why?

I love Disney.
I love Disney princesses.
I have a boy, 
so I'm one of those moms 
that doesn't get upset
that the princesses are princesses.
I love the fractured fairy tales
where the princess is tough.
But I do love a good fairy tale too.

I have a slight Cinderella obsession.
I collect Cinderella books.
I have a whole lot!

when I saw this prompt,
I immediately thought
I mean,
isn't she the Queen of Princesses?
If you've read
Cinderella is awesome,
yet boring.
Kind of. 
Red Riding Hood is more interesting.

And then I thought;
Do I want to be a princess who sits around
all day in fancy gowns?
Ummm... no!

But then,
every once in awhile,
I get a picture of a Rebel Princess
show up on my Facebook page.
Have you seen them?

My main issue with the Disney princesses
is I don't fit in.
I have a mouth.
And an attitude.
So these non-traditional princesses
suit me better.

So, let's re-visit today's prompt.
Which princess would I be?
I decided to go with Belle.
Come on...
she lives in a huge house filled with

I came across this picture...

Who can resist Sheldon?
And this....

Doesn't she look awesome?

good looks + attitude + books = Belle!


Kate Unger said...

Love it! Especially the poetic style.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'd definitely go with Belle, too!

MzVanessa said...

Rebel princesses! Amazing choice! Belle seems to be popular this week.

Salty Bug said...

Belle is definitely a stand out for her self assurance, intelligence and curiosity. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourites. Thanks for sharing.

MJ Rodriguez said...

Seems like even when we are told that we can be princesses for all eternity, we know ourselves enough that we do not fit into the "just princess" category :-) Love the post. Visiting from Mama Kat's.