Friday, March 12, 2010

An Afternoon at the Theatre

The IST students have been rehearsing for months on their production of Cinderella. So, of course, I had to take Ethan to see it.

We went to the matinee show on Tuesday. Ethan got all dressed up. He even wore a tie!!!!!! And, being the true gentleman that he is, he even picked me up from school. (He forgot to bring me flowers.)

It was raining, and we got stuck in traffic. We were very concerned that we would be late and miss the beginning, but it seems many people were held up, so they show started a little late.

The "other" Ethan was also there. We walked into the theatre behind Ethan and his mother. And since the other Ethan goes to IST, he's quite the popular fellow. Everyone was calling his name. Of course, my Ethan felt proud. "Look mommy, all my friends are calling me."

After our past experiences at the theatre, Ethan's becoming a pro. This time, he didn't feel the need to sleep and bury his head into the back of the chair.

The kids did a fantastic job. The play had action, music, and dancing. The story moved quickly, and kept the audience's attention. When it was over, and we started walking out, Ethan commented, "Now we have ice cream and then go back inside for the end." No love, that was the show. There is no intermission, Cinderella got her prince, what more do you want.

Apparently, Ethan wanted more.