Thursday, March 25, 2010


I grew up in Ottawa, and had a small group of friends. Within the mosque, they were people I had known since I was five. Like any friendship, we had our ups and downs. Since leaving Canada, 11 years ago, I slowly started losing touch with people.

Every year my parents go to Canada for a few months. My mum would always come back with a story about such-and-such a person who got married, or had a baby. It was great to hear how everyone was doing, but so sad not to be there to share their joy or even be in contact with them anymore.

Every once in awhile, someone passes through Dar. My dad always tells me he met this person or the mother of that friend. And it's always a shame I didn't get to see them.

Last week my dad told me he ran into, yet another, mother of an old friend of mine. She was asking about me. Cool. Then he started talking about two sisters I knew. She had 2 daughters, is that what he's talking about? No, someone else. After about 5 minutes, I still have no clue who he's talking about. Suddenly he remembers her name... Ashifa. But she didn't have a sister. Oh, I'm so confused. Anyways, the story is she's in Arusha, will be back the next day, then back to Ottawa she goes. Shame, I miss another old mate.

The next day, I get a call. Don't recognise the number. The female voice on the other end says she's Soraya. OMG!!!!! My childhood friend!!!! (And Ashifa's cousin, not sister). So I grab Ethan, throw him in the car, and off to visit her we go.

It was so great to see the two of them. Even if it was for only a couple of hours. This time we've agreed to keep in touch. Let's hope we do.