Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kelso's Choice

Last year, I started working at IST. I loved my first year there. I learnt a lot. One thing I was introduced to was Kelso's Choice. Our school counsellor did a fantastic job explaining to the students that they had a choice in how to deal with conflict. Some issues were small problems, and could be dealt with using one of Kelso's options, and then there are big problems, where you need a teacher, or an adult, to help you.

My Grade 2 students always remembered her lessons, and when they came to me with a small problem, I would remind them what Kelso said, and direct them to the poster in our class.

 Kelso's Choice worked well with my Grade 2 class last year, and my Grade 3 class this year, really grasp the concept. The counsellor mentioned being in Ethan's class, teaching a lesson, and if I were to be honest, I have to wonder how well a 4-year old could grasp this.

Apparently, very well!!!

Last week, Scott and I were chatting about a meeting we had to attend, and I said, as Ethan walked by, "Who'll babysit? We have a problem." Ethan stopped and asked if this was a big problem, or small problem. Having forgotten about Kelso, I got confused, so Ethan explained; "A big problem hurts your body, like somebody scratching you." Wow Ethan! I'm impressed!

Today a student bite Ethan. He told me about it. "Biting is a big problem, so you have to tell somebody." He then went on to say he told his teacher and everyone is happy. Ok, so he understands big problem, let's test him, does he get small problem. "If it's a small problem, you use your words. Say 'Stop'."

I'm hoping to use Kelso to my advantage when Ethan's not all that cooperative. But if you haven't heard of Kelso, you should take a look. You'll really be impressed. I know I am.


Karim Kanji said...

i thought i'd leave a comment here just to prove that I am keeping abreast of your blog. Love the Ethanisms by the way. ;)

Arlo said...

Wow, I am now a firm believer in Kelso, not just in the cute factor!

Umbrin said...

When I was in 4th grade I was introduced to Kelso's choice. Around September of 2001 in Richard Gordon Elementary. A counselor came into the class every so often and talked to the class about Kelso's Choice. She brought along with her a rather big green hand Frog Puppet that sat on her lap. She talked using the puppet and introduced Kelso's Choices. I was happy to figure out that the same lessons are still being used today. These Choices have been a Great impact on me while growing up.

Umbrin said...
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