Friday, September 3, 2010

My Son - The Expat

I love to poke fun at myself about being an Expat and the silly things we do. I don't think I ever realised the impact of being an Expat until I noticed Ethan was one too. Here are some of Ethan's Expat moments:

Ethan is flicking his finger at me. He asks, "Does this hurt?" When I tell him no, he replies, "My driver says it doesn't hurt." Your driver????? Pardon me????? Does the man not have a name? Must you refer to Omary as "your driver"?

Ethan wants to know if his mate can come play. "Let me call his mother, and ask her if he can come over later." Ethan thinks about that and decides this is not acceptable, he turns to his mate and says, "Just tell your driver to bring you to my house. Then it will be ok." Again, what's with the driver thing?

Going home after school, Ethan "drives" his mate home. On Friday I told the nanny that they would drop off the mate then come home for lunch. When I got home I learnt Ethan had lunch at his mate's. When I asked him who said he could have lunch there he replied, "Isaac told his ayah I need to stay for lunch." Apparently Ethan and Isaac are the bosses and the nannies are there to serve them. I think not!

We have a new cook! Yeah! He'll come once a week and cook a bunch of dishes. He started yesterday, and when I got home Ethan excitedly introduced him to me and told me "we now have food"! Of course he didn't expect his mother to suddenly learn!

4 comments: said...

Hi! Thoroughly enjoyed reading about life as an ex pat. Just dropped by from Lady Bloggers.

ApronTails said...

Hi there, stopping by from LBS BBQ! What a great blog. Love the 'driver' and new chef commentary!! What fun. great photo diary stuff too. what a neat way to capture your day!

Have a great weekend!

The Lady's Lounge said...

Your kid has a driver?
Our children must never meet, I'll never hear the end of it.

Faiza said...

what would ethan think of my ttc tokens?