Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writer's Workshop

10 reasons why you're glad it's Fall.

We don't have fall here. Our seasons are hot, hotter and wet! So instead of my 10 reasons why I'm glad it's fall, I'm putting together my 10 reasons why I miss Fall.

1. The pretty colours. I miss seeing the leaves change colours. It's stunning.

2) Fall means Thanksgiving. And again, I miss turkey time with the family.

3) The cooler weather. It's getting onto summer here, which means unbelievably hot, then when we get home at Christmas, it's cold. I want that nice, cool weather.

4) Fall means it's getting on Halloween. And what's not to love about Halloween. While people will throw a Halloween party, I miss seeing children come trick-or-treating.

5) The smell. Yes, the smell. I seem to remember a nice, crisp smell of autumn. 

6) TV. The new season of all my favourite shows begin. I get to read on Facebook when something exciting happens, but I have to wait till it either comes here, or until it comes out on DVD. No more excitement over sweeps!

7) Back to school shopping. I love an excuse to shop, and even though we all went back to school here, there isn't really the back-to-school excitement.

8) Apple picking. I use to go apple picking with mates in high school. Then we'd have a slumber party with apple pancakes!

9) Playing in the fallen leaves. It's not just for kids you know.

10) Once all the wonderful festivities are done with, you know that winter is on it's way and so is the snow, and Christmas. Snow.... another thing we miss here. But that's another story.....


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

What a nice post about fall! Made me appreciate it more. For me, fall means football season! Really liked your comic at the end!

Stopping by from Writer's Workshop. Here's a link to mine:

paulakiger said...

Wow, I enjoyed the way you put your post together. We don't have "fall" as in beautiful colors, etc., here in north Florida although we do have changes in the seasons. A good friend sometimes throws some fall leaves into an envelope (from up North) and mails me a treat. That always makes my day!!

Faiza said...

it is true what you remember. it smells wonderful here!

Tima said...

@paulakiger - mailing some leaves.... hmmm... never thought of that!
@faiza - hear that? ! lol

Leah said...

Hi there! Stopping by from Mama Kats Workshop. I totally know what you are talking about. I grew up overseas and for many of the years, I lived in Southern Africa. I didn't even really know what the seasons were before I moved to the states permanently. How neat that you are blogging from there! I wish I would I have done that!

Amanda said...

My favorite season of the year is fall. I live on the west coast of Canada - I couldn't ask for more gorgeous colors. The temperature is something I love too - I don't like a lot of heat, I prefer to be in pants and a sweater :)

(aka Amandalee on swap-bot)

apple skin said...
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apple skin said...

Autumn is my favourite season too! You know as I was reading your entry, I was thinking how alike are the things we are looking forward to, except maybe TV. I hardly watch Tv, but I look forward to watching the TV shows on my laptop :D How I wish we had the four seasons here..

Mag (swapbot)
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