Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things Ethan has Taught Me

Ethan has been full of useful/less information these days. He's been learning a lot, and loves to share them with me. Here are some recent things I've learnt from the Great Ethan Nisbet.

1. When you kiss someone on the lips it means you are married. 
However Ethan doesn't believe Scott and I are married and today he kissed a girl on the lips, but he's not married to her.

2. You can have a home girlfriend and a school girlfriend. These two must be kept separate at all times.

3. You are only allowed to kiss your parents. And your grandparents. However, his Maa and Bapa (my parents) are not grandparents since Scott's dad is Grandpa and therefore they cannot be kissed. 
Good luck explaining that to your Grandma today.

4. Kelso's Choices teaches us that if someone hurts your body it is a big problem and needs an adult to intervene. Small problems can be resolved in different (non-violent) manners. However, if Mommy or Daddy get upset with you, and this hurts your feelings, it is then a big problem because your heart hurts and this is a part of your body.

5. Spiderman is not a super hero because he cannot fly. He fights bad guys, and is awesome, but he is not a super hero.

6. Ethan cannot eat cake. Unless it's a Ben 10 cake. Otherwise he is only able to eat the icing. 

7. If you eat one piece of broccoli, and have a glass of milk, you are then strong enough to beat the next person on Wii Boxing. Otherwise you will loose.

8. Buzz and Woody may talk in the movie, but they do not talk in real life. Ethan has never heard them talk and he often wakes up in the middle of the night to check on them. 

9. Everyone must stop what they are doing when Ethan gets mail. If it's his Chirp magazine (note to self; renew subscription), then we must all gather as he reads it. 

10. My personal favourite; Mommy is always right. Whenever Daddy has a message for Mommy and asked Ethan to deliver it, he will adjust it to suit Mommy. So if Scott asks Ethan to tell me to hurry up, Ethan will come and tell me, "Mommy, don't hurry."


Nicole said...

That's really quite cute!

LivingOutLoud said...

Ethan sounds like a smart little guy!
I am a happy new follower from the Lady Blogger Tea Party.
Living Out Loud

Amanda said...

That is super adorable...I was just glad to hear he got the most important one right - Mommy is always right, lol!


(aka Amandalee on swap-bot)

Amber said...

I could see my oldest (Teddy, my 4 year old) coming up with a similar list! They really have some fun ideas at the young ages, don't they? (And I'm with Amanda - I love the fact that Mommy is always right! :))

-- Amber (PisceanMama on Swap-bot)

Allison said...

He sure sounds like a smart little guy some of those sound alot like a few things my oldest son has said.

Craftymom85- swap-bot

apple skin said...

That is soooo cute! I really enjoyed reading it :D

Mag (swapbot)
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Faiza said...

Ha! Ask him what he thinks of giraffes and let me know what he says.

Tima said...

@Faiza - They can stand, eat leaves and grass, sometimes they drink water and it's yucky.

Sarah said...

Connor and Ethan would get along quite well IRL. The last one is my favorite! ;)