Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Dar

The year before Ethan was born, and Ethan's first Christmas, we spent in Dar. While we were not sure we'd like an African Christmas, the people and friends we have, made them extra special. Since then, I've had jobs that were flexible when it came to taking vacation, so we often left fairly early for Christmas at home. This year, my job gives me great vacation time, but it's not all that flexible. And while it's sad, it also gave us an opportunity to enjoy some of Dar's festivities.

During the last week of school, both my class, and Ethan's class enjoyed class parties. For my class, I made cookies and let the kids decorate them. Parents brought in tons of food. We had a feast!

For Ethan's party, I was reminded of a great idea by Kim over at Mom Tried It, Ethan and his mates made edible Christmas trees, using ice cream cones, green icing and sweets. I left my classroom, in hopes of checking out the tree making in Ethan's class, but the first time I went, they were playing games, the second time I went, I walked in the classroom to see this...

..... I thought the Christmas trees would make it home, but apparently not!

Each year, we've hosted a little Christmas party for Ethan and his mates. I couldn't get myself quite organized this year. that was until Ethan asked why he wasn't having a party. Oops! So we stole an idea from one of my mates, and quickly threw together a cookie exchange party. It was a lot of fun. The kids all brought in cookies to share, and we painted ornaments to take home. The best part, once the kids were on their sugar high from the cookies, it was time to go home!!! teeheehee!!!!

Every year the Little Theatre has a Miscellany. I love it, and although I love coming home for the holidays, I miss it. So this year, I was thrilled we would be there for it. The kids put on a lovely production on the Sleepy Shepard. Even Ethan got teary-eyed. I can't wait till next year, he'll be five and old enough to participate. After the show, guess who showed up on the roof??? Yes! Father Christmas! He gave Ethan a motorcycle. "Wow Mommy! Just what I wanted!!! How did he know???",  was Ethan's reaction. and of course, what would the Theatre Miscellany be, without some of Katy's fabulous turkey??!!!

Yes. I love Christmas in Dar, however, nothing beats Christmas at home! Snow.... here we come!!!!