Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking With Swarn - Assessment

Not only is Swarn a great Indian food cooking teacher, she's a wonderful teacher. She's our PYP Co-ordinator, and newly appointed Vice Principal. Our cooking class, also consists of 6 teachers. Which means that someone, and I don't know who, came up with the brilliant plan to have one last cooking class this past week. But instead of a class where we learn to cook, oh no, this would be our summative assessment class! Yeah really! I actually had to cook a dish and bring it in to share.

I decided to go with the paneer. It seemed simple enough. Scott was there to witness that I did, in fact, make everything, from start to finish!

You may remember from last week, to make paneer, you start with milk.

When it starts to boil, add the lemon juice and it will start to curl.

Drain it.

And, voila! Paneer

Now to make the actual meal.

Cook the peas and tomatoes.

Add the paneer and spices.

Add some milk.


I wasn't the only one to put my cooking skills to the test.

Lara conquered Shahi Tukra.

Joanna fed us Fish Tikka.

Lucy brought Dal Tadka.

Kate tempted us with Murgh Cholay.

The meal was delicious. The best part was everyone made it into work the next day!!!! I didn't poison anyone!!!!!!!!


Kat said...

I found your blog on the Lady Blogger's Society tea party. Gorgeous posts. What a fantastic adventure you're having - keep it up!