Thursday, January 6, 2011

11/11 Book Challenge

I've "met" this great group of mums. I put met in quotes, as I've never actually met them. We were all expecting in July 2006, and a group of us have continued the friendship.

Besides having wild 4.5 year olds, we are slowly learning other things we have in common. One of them, is our love for books and reading. So one mate, has come up with the 11/11 Book Challenge.

Rules for 11/11 challenge:
  • Read 11 books in the year 2011
  • Extra credit if you finish by 11/11/11
  • You can read any book you like
  • Monthly books can be used in the 11/11 challenge (we're also starting a book club)
  • 1 book per category
  • Books can only be used once.  
Some category ideas:
  • Fiction Book with the letter K (11th letter) in title or in Author's name
  • Non Fiction
  • Animal Book
  • First Book in a series
  • First Book by author
  • Book released in 2011
  • Book you've always wanted to read, but haven't
  • Book never finished
  • Something you wouldn't normally read
  • Least like genre
  • Sexiest cover
  • Re-read of a book
I'm really excited. And I'm also feeling over-whelmed. Can I find enough books to cover the categories? If you have any great book suggestions, please share.


tolleyrose said...

Sometimes I forget that we haven't actually met ;)...happy reading!

Kim said...

That is a fabulous idea. It is so neat that you connected with these women.

Darlene said...

So interested in your blog. I went to it out of interest because I am called Dar,which is short for Darlene. I didn't have a blog of my own, but my daughter Sue, helped me create one so that it would be easier for me to get around blog land. Imagine my surprise to find out that Dar in in Africa! I went back and read a lot of your past blogs and am really interested in your cooking Indian food,which I love. I would also love to join your book club as I am an avid reader and would have no trouble reading 12 books in a year.

Tima said...

Hi Darlene. So glad you've enjoyed reading my blog. It's a lot of fun! Stop on by anytime!