Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Toronto Marlies

Scott's a huge sports fan. The downside to living in Dar, is he misses attending sporting events. That made going to the World Cup this year, extra special, or so I'd like to think. 

For Christmas, this year, my brother-in-law got us tickets to the Toronto Marlies. So on the 28th, we headed out to our first hockey game in years!! This was also Ethan's first hockey game. We thought we'd be in for a treat, as we were not watching the Leafs, but Scott would like to point out that the Marlies are just like the Leafs. teeheehee

We wanted Ethan to enjoy the total hockey experience. So we started the evening off with hot dogs.

After the first period, Grandpa bought Ethan "the blue drink" (blue slushy).

Now, don't get me wrong, the game was not all about the food. We got a hockey puck, and watched the Marlies score two goals. Then with 8 minutes left to the game, Ethan fell asleep. He then woke up a couple minutes later to see them get scored against, and back to sleep he went. A few minutes later, he woke up again, and since nothing exciting was happening, he went back to sleep, only to miss the Marlies playing like the Leafs, and tying the game with only 2 minutes left!

We opted not to stay for overtime, and take Ethan home to bed.

But he did have a great time. He still talks about the blue drink!


Faiza said...

so fun! i can't keep up with your new blog layouts but i love that you keep changing it up!

Tima said...

I like to make it seasonal. how's the UK treating you?