Monday, January 31, 2011

5-Day Writing Challenge - Day 1

The Lady Bloggers Society offers up at 5-day writing challenge. I think I'm up for it! Today we're asked for something we've outgrown. This is a tough one. Seriously. There are things I know I should have outgrown by now.... but haven't. Here's my list:

1. I should have outgrown teen books. But I still like them. I gobbled up all the Twilight books within a week. I just finished If I Stay. And I'm sure I'll read more. I like to say I will continue to read these because I'm a teacher, but let's be honest, I'll still read them for my own personal pleasure.

2. And if you outgrow teen books, then you outgrow teen movies. Yes, I do believe I've outgrown them. I will still go and watch Twilight, as I feel obliged as I started watching them, but I can honestly not think of any teen movies I've recently watched.

3. The Disney Channel. Yes, once again, this is not something I should watch. And yet, I find myself understanding Ethan when he talks about "the boy who sings and then he fell in the mud". Yes, I watch the Disney Channel. In my defence, I watch it with my son.

4. I have outgrown the chocolate sundae. This was the ultimate dessert at one time. The promise of a chocolate sundae after dinner was a guarantee I'd clean my plate. Now, I'm all about the latte and, possibly, a slice of tiramisu. Or a chocolate tart. Or a mousse. Well, something rich and chocolatey. Which means....

5. I have not outgrown my love of chocolate. I still crave a teeny tiny piece, at least once a day. My taste has grown. I now love it when we travel, because Scott will pick me up some Lindor truffles.

6. Gossip Girl. I gobbled up Season 1. I had read the series, and couldn't wait to see the series. I loved Season 1. I have no desire to watch the remaining seasons.

Hmmm.... maybe I'm just not ready to grow, so therefore I don't outgrow anything. Hmmmm.....


CinfulCinnamon said...

Well in defense of the things you should have outgrown....I'd have to say this:
1) You're still a teen inside (a good thing I think. Will keep you young at heart)
2) You are watching with your child. Also a wonderful thing. Sharing and growing with your child is essential.
3) You are female and EXPECTED to love chocolate. It's not our fault. We are missing an essential "somethingorother" that causes our bodies to NEED chocolate. But on the off chance that you're thinking about giving up the it NEXT month. You wouldn't want to miss out on all the Valentines goodies coming up !!!

Thanks for taking part in the Challenge.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cinnamon. Chocolate is a must have to survive!!