Monday, May 9, 2011

House Hunting

This weekend, we had a mission. Our mission was to head over to Lusaka, get Ethan registered in school, and house hunt. 

The first 2 were easy. 

The house hunting gave me a headache.

Friday morning we set off to check out some houses. The estate agent had given us a bunch of houses and we narrowed it down to about 10 that we wanted to see. We saw about 6. Then in the afternoon, we went to see another half dozen. I seriously had a headache that evening. But, we narrowed our choices down to 3.

Saturday morning, we decided to re-visit our favourite 3. The agent had a fourth one, she thought we'd want to see. 

House #1 - Roma
Roma is an area in Lusaka. It's the furtherest away from Ethan's school of the 4 houses. 

This is the house.

It has a pool (that needs cleaning).

And a fireplace!

House #2 - Leopard's Hill
We were told by our dear friends that we don't want to live here. It's out by the International School, far from everything else.
This house is in a compound with 5 other houses.

The kitchen.

And yet another pool that needs maintenance. (There's also a small, baby pool on the other side.)

House #3 - Woodlands
This is a standalone house in a quiet neighbourhood close to Scott's office, and about 10 minutes from the school. 
The front and back of the house.

Love how you find a fireplace in a house in Africa!!!!
And check out this bathtub!

The downside to this house is the lack of swimming pool, but it does have a vegetable garden!!

House #4 - Kabulonga
This is another house on a compound. It's advertised as a 3-bedroom, but it's actually 4, as they consider one of the rooms to be a study. 

Hmmm... I just realised, this is the only 2 story house in our top 4.

For a person who doesn't cook, I'm sure obsessed with the kitchen.

Forget about the last bathtub, check this one out!

So those were our favourites. Which do you think we chose?


Zoë said...


Sarah said...

Does the 4th one have a pool? I think I like that one the best.

Kim said...

I like #4, but my favorite (#2)is the one that your friends tell you not to get. I get the feeling that you guys have already counted that one out, but it is my favorite.
I like the idea of the houses being in compounds. The stand alone ones freak me out, but I am completely unfamiliar with Lusaka and even Zambia for that matter. My husband lived in South Africa for a while and I have heard many stories. Both good and bad.

Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

Find a reason to enjoy the house hunting process. It's never easy to locate houses and close deals, but there are lessons you can learn for every try. Be patient and stick to your plan; don't make rush decisions just to put an end to your house hunting. Congrats for a successful house hunting adventure, Megan!

-Calvin Mordarski @ CityBlockTeam