Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things Falling into Place

 Don't you just love it when things start falling into place?

We've had the pleasure of calling Dar es Salaam home for the past 9 years. Moving to Zambia, while exciting, is also terrifying. We need to find a school for Ethan, get him registered, find a place to live, make friends. Yikes! I mean, since we're going for Scott's job, I get to go back to being an Expat wife. But now I'm a SAHM in a place I don't know.

Last week we headed to Zambia. Friday morning, we registered Ethan in school. We decided to go with the American International School of Lusaka (AISL). It's an IB school, which is what I really wanted. He gets French 4 times a week starting in KG. I really like that. While there, I got to meet with the principal, who interviewed me. Was hoping to get some supply/substitute work there in the next school year. It's a beautiful campus. I think Ethan will really enjoy it there.

We left the school and went to Scott's new office. While he met everyone, Ethan and I explored. Found the cutest little shop. This place has potential!

We spent the rest of Friday house hunting. It gave me a headache. We narrowed down the houses to 3 and decided to revisit them on Saturday. After seeing those, and one more the agent thought we'd like, we went for lunch to discuss each house. We decided on House #2.

Our mate had recommended we don't live in Leopard's Hill, as it's isolated, being far from the main part of the city, and it's bubble-like. Mostly Expats living there. However, we liked the house the best, and it had a garden and pool. Plus, Scott will travel alot, with this new job, and I'd feel safer living on a compound.

Things were starting to fall into place.

They got even better when, on Monday, my principal came to tell me that she got a call from AISL checking on my reference, and on Tuesday I got offered a Grade 2 teaching position there. Yeah!

Ok, so leaving Dar after 9 years will be hard, but Lusaka is looking great.

Things are falling into place.


Kim said...

That is all GREAT news! I am so happy for you. I liked house #2 the most, too. But since I am not living there it doesn't really matter, does it? lol.