Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zanzibar Curio Shop

Saturday my mate, Louise, and I decided to have a final girlie day, in Zanzibar.
We did one months ago, and had a great time. 
We were all set for our next, and possibly, final Zanzibar adventure.

We took the 9am flight to Zanzibar, and went for breakfast where we grabbed a map, and outlined the course for the day.

We decided to hit the Zanzibar Curio Shop first, as the last time, they were closed for lunch, and we didn't want this to happen again. We went through a bunch of rooms, taking in all the things they had, wondering what one would do with them all. Then, Louise came across an end table. She decided we needed to send a picture of it to her husband. 

Ignore the toys underneath. There are 2 of these. Wouldn't these make great night-tables?

As we continued our way around the shop, we came across this. 

Louise was thinking this would be great for a corner in her bedroom.

The owner told us, he had some other chairs in his warehouse, and if we had time, he'd take us to see them. Well sure! Why not!

I use to think this shop had a lot of junk, and while it's great to look at, who really buys all this.
But his warehouse was full of packed up items, ready for shipping. 
We saw all sorts of great treasures.
I think Sri was getting fed up of all my photo emails.

Since Louise was interested in a chair for her bedroom corner, why not a corner chair?

I'm loving this. Wouldn't it look great on the deck of our new Zambian home?

In case Sri was not happy with the cost of the 1st nightstand, this one is cheaper.

Well now Louise needs to decide... which chair should she go for?

Louise sat in both chairs to decide which was the most comfortable.
The owner said they both came in sets.
He would polish, finish and fumigate the chairs. 
She decided to go with the first one. 
Louise could chose some upholstery and get the cushions covered.
Hoping to get everything done in Zanzibar, and not have to make a trip into town, we asked him if he could recommend a place. 
We went to a small fabric shop and Louise found this.

It seemed a little busy, and we weren't quite sure.

But then we tried it on the chair, and liked the look of it.

This chair comes in a set of 3.
It's been decided that one will go in Louise's room and the other two in the guest room. 

Louise also bought this gorgeous box.

And, of course, I listen to my husband and didn't buy anything.

Isn't it the best?

We spent most of the day furniture shopping.
We didn't really follow the course we mapped out.
But it didn't really matter, as it's the slow season in Zanzibar.
Which means all, and I mean all, my favourite shops were closed for renovations!

But that's ok.
We had a great time.
And now I've got some ideas for some new furniture!

Turned out to be great, as we came out with some great treasures, and some ideas for new furniture for 


Shannon Henrici said...

Loving your finds! I wish I was there, I would have bought just about everything you didn't :) Guess my husband is glad I am not there!

Kim said...

Looks like you had a blast. Sounds like a fun filled day. You only bought a little thing. I was thinking you had bought a sofa, or something large. Scott can't complain.