Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watermelon Soup

Ethan has been obsessed with cooking lately. We've been watching Cbeebies, and he loved Big Cook, Little Cook and I Can Cook. We have a Big Cook, Little Cook cookbook, and he likes going through it, choosing something to make.

Last month, Ethan was obsessed with the Carrot Pie. This was his own invention. I, successfully, redirected him each time he wanted to make it.

Tonight, we went to my parents' for dinner. My mum went to get the dessert, when suddenly Ethan had the brilliant idea to make dessert. My mum was happy to oblige.

So Ethan asked my mum for a pot. He needed one piece of watermelon, no seeds, and hot water. Then he requested my mum chop some carrots and add salt. Next, he wanted mum to bring it to a boil. I guess it's not dessert but soup. As it was "cooking", Ethan needed some pepper, and a pineapple. Since mum was helping him with the cooking part, he gave out the instructions. "You need to squish the pineapple."

Mum convinced Ethan that it was cooked, and Ethan decided it needed to simmer, while he counted to 100. And, voila! Watermelon soup!

 This is Ethan's concoction. 

 I even served it up for him.

He ate 2 bites before deciding he didn't like it!


Kim said...

That is hilarious. Definitely a grandma gave into the weird cooking. The question is will actually making something and tasting it deter him or inspire him? lol