Tuesday, December 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 42

I've been promising Ethan 
that we'll make Christmas cookies,
like forever.
Bad mommy here.
Something always comes up.
Until yesterday,
that is.

Ethan and I headed over to
Betti and Cyana's
for a cookie making day.

Ethan and I made sugar cookies

while Betti and Cyana made hazelnut cookies.

I'm in love with Betti's oven.

Check out our great cookies.

Happiness is baking Christmas cookies with your little boy and mates.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Pretty cookies. Looks like fun too.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Darling cookies!! We baked cookies this weekend too! (besides easy bake yucky cookies)
Happy Holidays!

Ducky said...

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! Happiness is defintely baking cookies! I LOVE cooking with my daughter and anything as yummy as cookies is a total bonus!

Sue said...

Oh boy, do those cookies look yummy! I haven't had any Christmas cookies yet this year, but I intend to...starting Christmas Eve all the rules of healthy eating will be forgotten for two days!

Can't wait!


Darlene said...

Your cookies look great indeed!! I just love the pictures you take of Ethan whenever he is cooking or baking. He just has that serious look on his face. You just know by looking at him that he is taking it all seriously. That kid is going to be a heck of a good cook when he grows up and also a great husband for some lucky gal!
I think I've told you that before, but it bears repeating.

Kim said...

Those cookies look great. I love the Christmas trees. They turned out so pretty.