Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Return of Chef Ethan

Chef Ethan is back!
We have a Christmas Cookie Exchange party
this afternoon,
so yesterday evening
Chef Ethan got to work.

Check out his new apron.

We're not sure what kinds of cookies
people will bring,
but didn't want to make the usual
chocolate chips, 
or even shortbread,
in case they were many of those.
So we opted for 
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I just need to explain to Ethan
that the party is not now
but in a few hours. 

Every morning,
Ethan runs to see where Jake is
(his Elf),
then heads for his Lego calendar,
then his Advent calendar.
What will our routine be like once the season is over?

Today's treat in the calendar,
was making Swedish pancakes for breakfast.
Thank you Darlene for the recipe.
Scott was utterly impressed that I made breakfast.
And there are so many left over
guess what Ethan will have for lunch tomorrow?

But the best part of today,
so far,
is the conversation Scott and I had.

Scott: What's the date today?
Me: The 4th.
Scott: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Ethan: Mommy's a teacher, she knows what she's talking about, don't argue with her.

Gotta love my boy!


Sue said...

He is such a cutie!

And I love that you made Mom's Swedish pancakes. What did you put in them? And aren't they good??


PS. Your cookies sound yummy, too.