Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Question Friday

This week has gone by in a confusing haze.
Monday and Tuesday I attended
a fabulous writer's workshop training session.
I love it when you take a workshop
and then can't wait to get in the classroom and start
implementing what you've learnt.
The next three days
I felt confused and disoriented.
But guess what?
It's Friday!!!!
And while it's not Scott's weekend home,
I did make him feel guilty
so he's coming home tomorrow afternoon.
He's mainly heading home
to assist with the move to the new place. 

But I digress.
Let's get on with
Five Question Friday!!!!

1) What is one grammar issue you cannot let go without correction?
It sends chills down my spine. 
It is popcorn
not popcorns!!!
You eat popcorn
not popcorns!
You buy a bag of popcorn
at the cinema.
Not popcorns!

2) What's your favourite thing about fall?
I miss fall.
I miss seeing the colours of the leaves.
I miss the smell.
And I'm told
I also miss out on 
Starbucks pumpkin spice latte!

3) What's your favourite dish to bring to a potluck?
If you recall,
I do not cook.
So I usually try to bring dessert.
I'm into cheesecakes lately.
Or banoffi pie.

4) When do you start Christmas shopping.
Since I do most of my shopping online
I usually start early December.
That way my stuff is at home
when I get there.

5) Did you move homes a lot growing up?
Not when I was growing up.
But now a days
When Scott and I got married,
within the first year
we moved twice.
Then in Korea, 
we moved houses twice.
Nine years in Dar
was also five different houses.
We've been in Lusaka
for a little over a year
and we're moving houses next week.

And yes,
I shall share pictures of our new place.


Cathy Kennedy said...

Make your own pumpkin spice lattes like I do & there are better! =D

retired not tired said...

Your pie looks delicious. I almost wanted to cut a piece right out of the computer.

Darlene said...

What ever is banoffi pie? I have never heard of it.

Unlike you, I love to cook and haven't been too happy of late, because I just don't have the pep to do as much of that as I used to. I am very fortunate that Dick likes to cook. He doesn't make fancy things though, but everything he does make tastes delicious. I especially love to bake and hope that I get feeling well enough to do that again. It just takes me forever anymore, because I have to stop and rest so often.

I love the way you answered the questions. I get to learn more about you that way.

Darlene said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place. Why did you decide you wanted to move?

Sue said...

Wow, I had no idea you had moved so much! That ain't easy...