Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writer's Workshop - The One

Tell us about the moment you knew your spouse was "The One".

Did I ever tell you how Scott and I met?
Well.... I guess today's the day.
Scott and I met...
over the phone.
And no!!!!
Not like that!

Scott ran the logistics department at Nortel.
(This was back in the day when Nortel was huge in Ottawa.)
I was the supervisor at a local courier company.

Scott would call several times a day,
in need of something going from his office
to one of the other Nortel offices.
And after talking to someone
six times a day,
the conversations always included a
"how's it going?"
"How was your weekend?"

The Easter before we met,
I was single,
doing the dating thing.
Scott called one day,
to have something taken to another office
and I reminded him that Easter was coming.
He didn't get it.
I had to explain that he just asked me
to ensure that something very important
reach another office.
And I wanted chocolate for Easter.

I'd like to point out that:
a) some things never change
b) I bugged a few people to send me chocolate.

A few months later I resigned from my job.
I was going back to school
to get my teaching certificate.
I wanted to meet the people I had spent
the last two years 
chatting on the phone with.

Scott was one of those people.

We met.
We went on a few dates.
I liked spending time with him.

I had a box under my bed
with momentos.
One evening,
I was looking through the box
and found the note Scott had sent me
with my Easter chocolate.
(Yes, he sent me chocolate.)

This was the moment.

I like to say
I knew he was the one
before we ever met.

Why else would I have kept his note?
I didn't keep notes from anyone else.


Sue said...

What a great story. You were phone friends first!


Jessica said...

What a great story, my husband and I have a similar way of meeting...or keeping in touch rather! New follower via Mam Kat's!! Hope you can head on over and visit my blog! =)


Mimi B said...

What a fun story!! So unique! Very sweet that you kept his note to you!! Congrats on your love story!

Faiza said...

I never knew this story and I LOVE IT!