Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Fire

Tell a story (based on truth or fiction) where someone is playing with fire - literally or metaphorically --- and probably shouldn't be.

I have a bad habit.
When we go to restaurants,
I like to play with the candles.
I take a toothpick
and burn the ends.
I know,
not very smart.

Even at home.
when the power goes
and I have candles burning,
I like to play with the wax.

When I was in university,
I went to a restaurant with some mates.
It was a nice one,
and hadn't been there before.

A few years later,
I started working at a pre-school.
There was a nice restaurant nearby.
It looked familiar,
but I couldn't put my finger on it.

After going there for many months,
I had dinner there one evening
and was talking to the manager. 
It turned out
this was the same restaurant 
I had been to years before.
But it looked a little different.
The manager told me
it had been redecorated after the fire.

So, my mate and I finish dinner.
I put my napkin on the table
and the wind blows.
You guessed it,
right into the candle!
I almost burnt the place down!!!

You'd think I'd have learnt to be more careful.
Unfortunately not.
There's just something about candles
and hot wax....


Melissa Cwell said...

It was very unexpected in the middle, that the restaurant was rebuilt from a fire. I liked that!

CJ said...

Oops! Playing with fire can be dangerous, can't it? But you weren't even playing that time ---it was just an accident.

I also wrote a true story about fire for Mama Kat:

Mine was just a matter of stupidity.

Jamie Bishop said...

Did it burn down because of your affinity for candles and wax? ;) New follower from Mama Kat.