Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Coffee

I'm not a coffee drinker.
I'm a latte drinker.
My father-in-law was asking me,
what the difference was.
"A latte has a lot of milk?"

So I thought,
I'd use MamaKat's prompt
to learn the difference.

Coffee is brewed by mixing ground 
coffee beans with hot water,
steeping it,
then straining out the coffee grounds. 
It's drunk either black,
with/without some sugar, 
and possibly a small bit of milk
or cream. 

Espresso is also made with the same
coffee beans,
but darker roasts are used
to give a more intense flavour,
and the ground is finer.
Espressos also use an espresso machine. 
It has a more intense flavour than coffee,
which helps explain the teeny weeny
Oh, and no milk or cream is added!

Cappuccino is made with equal parts
espresso and milk,
where the milk is frothed
which basically doubles the original
volume of the milk.
This foam is then poured
over the espresso. 

Latte is also made with espresso.
This time twice as much milk
as espresso is used.
The milk is heated
using a steam wand.
The hot milk and espresso
are poured together. 
Whatever foam may have been formed
during the steaming process
is poured over the top. 

And now,
I want a latte!


mj said...

I would happily drink one of each right now.

Marie Wreath said...

Yum... I just finished my morning coffee, which according to your lovely descriptions in much closer to a latte. LOL And now I crave more. Found you through Mama Kat! : )

Teresa said...

I only drank half a cup this morning. but now I want more. Your pictures make it hard to choose which one I want most.

Mama Kat said...

Ahhhh now I know! I really wasn't sure what the difference was between a latte and just straight coffee. This was very informative and as it turns out...I'm a latte drinker too. :)