Friday, June 20, 2014

The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer

I'm not sure how I found this book.
I think a few summers ago,
Ethan and I were watching TV
and Chris Colfer
(yes the guy from Glee)
was on some show and he mentioned 
he wrote a book.

I decided to buy it.
Then never read it.
Until now.

And I'm wondering why I waited so long.

This is a lovely book.
For anyone who loves fairy tales,
you'll love this.
And if you don't love fairy tales,
after reading this
you'll want to check out some fairy tales.

Connor and Alex are twins.
Before their 11th birthday,
their father dies.
This past year has been rough on them.
They remember the stories he use to tell them.
He loved fairy tales.

Right before their 12th birthday,
their grandmother gives them her book
The Land of Stories.
Suddenly Connor and Alex find themselves
in the book!

To get out, 
and return home,
they learn about the wishing spell.
But in order to get the spell
they need to collect 
a number of magical items.

And so this scavenger hunt begins.

Along the way,
they meet
Snow White,
and Sleeping Beauty.
They learn that Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk) is sad
as he's lost his love.
Goldilocks is a fugitive on the run.
Little Red Riding Hood isn't as sweet
as we thought she was.
Oh, and the evil Queen
from Snow White,
well she's escaped from her prison!

There's no way you cannot love this book!