Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Veil - Megan Chance

The Fianna Triology comes to an end in The Veil, and it offers new twists that, really, you didn't see coming.

Grace has found the archdruid who can help her develop her powers as the veleda. She still hopes he'll provide her a spell that will prevent her death. Her working with the archdruid, also means she's kept away. Away from Patrick and the Fomori and away from Diarmid and the Fianna.

In the first two books, I really wasn't a fan of Patrick. But here, he shines. You see a new Patrick, and you like him. Which is horrible, because how can the triangle work if you like all parties involved?

Aiden grows more in this final book. He is a strong brother, that doesn't allow his choosing the Fianna to affect his concern for Grace. In the end, his family matters, not his allegiance.

Diarmid continues to be the torn soul. Torn between his love for Grace and his love for his brothers. But even as Patrick shines, Diarmid still is able to be the hero you fell in love with.

What was really great about this final installment, was seeing both sides of the immigrant story. We see the reasons why Patrick wants to "save" Ireland, and how the Irish see their new life in America. We see the influence of the Fianna on the new immigrants.

While I love myths, mythology and folklore, I've never been interested in Irish folklore, but I do think that's about to change!