Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Makes Me Happy

One of the things I love about our school, is the service learning. Students in Grade 5, and up, are asked to take part in at least one community service activity. There's also a lot of service learning, and connections made within the classrooms.

For several years, one of the service learning programs, has been a friendly exchange between our students and students from the Buguruni School for the Deaf. Students from both schools, have enjoyed a special relationship. Our students have been involved with the Buguruni School for several years and a successful exchange programme is in place. IST students enjoy visiting the school, learning some sign language, playing games and football together. Buguruni students also come visit IST and enjoy sharing food, watching Tinga-Tinga tales, creating arts and crafts and...well...playing football!!!

A few years ago, as part of their personal project, one 10th grade student started a Henna Painting initiative. Many girls from Buguruni have joined the Henna Artist Group.

This year, many of these girls will be graduating primary school. This past Friday, they came to IST to have an art sale. The money earned from the sale will go towards either their secondary school education, or even the possibility of starting up small businesses.  I showed up shortly after it began, and was stunned, to see most of the paintings had been sold!!! While sad to miss out on some great art, I did manage to get one (as did Ethan) and the sight of these gorgeous paintings and these beautiful girls made me happy.