Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dead Reckoning - Charlaine Harris

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series.

I've read all 10 books in the series and even pre-ordered this one. I will continue reading them, as I feel loyal to my dear Sookie, but she's not the same.

Sookie has a knack of finding trouble. She's always got someone after her, and in Dead Reckoning she once again finds her life threatened.

Dead Reckoning bring Sandra Pelt back. She's determined to make Sookie pay. Victor continues to make life miserable for Eric and Pam. So they plan to have him killed. Sookie breaks her blood bond with Eric. She also discovers a letter from her Grandma with a precious gift. And Bill.... What happened to Bill? He's recovered from the silver poisoning, but somewhere along the line, he developed Eric-disease. Yes Eric-disease. Commenting on Sookie's rack? Really? That's so Eric, not Bill.

Sookie's life is filled with fighting and death. She helps plan the death of Victor, but is horrified by it. She knows Sandra Pelt needs to die, but can't look at Jannalynn, who makes sure Sandra will never harm her again.

We all know there will be another book out. And I will read it faithfully. Who will Sookie choose? Eric? Bill? Alcide? Who know. I just hope Sookie stops judging others for what she chooses to be a part of.