Thursday, June 30, 2011

Safe Harbor - Christine Feehan

Oh how I loved this one!

Safe Harbor is the fifth book in the Drake Sisters series. It's all about the fifth child, Hannah. Hannah is a supermodel, but painfully shy. She often gets panic attacks.

Jonas, the town sheriff, is always on Hannah's case. They are constantly bickering, and Hannah is always threatening to turn him into a toad. From the very first book in the series, you can't help but love these two and get excited for their turn to come.

Jonas has loved Hannah all his life, but never thought he was good enough for her. Hannah has loved him for all her life, but thinks he hates her. Sounds childish, I know, but it so works.

Safe Harbor starts with excitement. Jonas has been asked to help a former colleague with what seems to be an easy task. Video tape some Russian mobsters up to no good. But it goes all haywire. Their driver is killed, Jonas is shot, Hannah uses the elements to help him since she can feel he's in trouble.

Once in the hospital, the Russians once again come looking for Jonas. He promises Hannah to come see her in the evening, but because his life may be in danger he doesn't show up. Or call. For three weeks.

Hannah heads off to a fashion show in New York, where she is brutally attacked. If not for her sisters she would have died.


Yet I gobbled it all up!

I love Jonas. Not sure why since he's an absolute controlling chauvinist, but it so works for him! He's a chauvinist with a heart of gold.

This one even made me cry a little. Hannah's sisters all make her a scrapbook and write her a letter to tell her how much they love her. So sweet. And this one even ends with a wedding, and not just an engagement.

Did I mention that I loved this one????


Yes I Blog said...

I Love your book reviews! You are always so honest and thorough! Gonna add this to my wish list!

Sarah said...

This was my favorite out of all the books.