Thursday, June 23, 2011

Writer's Workshop - Summer Bucket List

3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)

 Ethan and I are spending a month in Canada.
I was thinking of creating a Bucket List of 10 things I wanted to do.
But with the end of school, 
and the move,
I never got around to it.
Then when I saw this week's prompt, 
I knew I had to do it.
But 50 things is a lot!

Let's start with food.
1. I need to hit Starbucks.
2. And Swiss Chalet
3. While we're at it, let's go to Dairy Queen
4. And Baskin Robbins
5. And have some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, too.
6. I want to experiment with my father-in-law's slow cooker.
8. Take Ethan for some culinary delight and have a hot dog in downtown Toronto.

Places to visit
9. I want to take Ethan to a Blue Jays' game.
10. And to the Ontario Science Centre,
11. To the Toronto zoo,
12. And Centre Island.
13. I want to introduce Ethan to the public library and get out some books.
14. Take Ethan to Canada's Womderland
15. Go up to the cottage.
16. Take Ethan to see Cars II

17. Want a new Coach bag. (Don't tell Scott)
18. Shop at Victoria's Secret.
19. Need to make a trip down to Target.
20. Golda's Kitchen
21. It's summer here. I can finally shop for clothes. 

People to see
22. My brother
23. My cousins' on my dad's side.
24. My cousins' on my mum's side.
25. Ethan's cousins
26. Dana
27. Jennie
28. Fiona
29. Sajeda
30. Sally
31. Sarah (Adding her even though I am unsure how it will work)

Things to do
32.Get a tatoo.
34. I'm behind in my book challenge, so I want/need to read 15 books.
35. Give Ethan a Canadian birthday party. 
36. Go see X-Men
37. Go see Harry Potter
38. Finish reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to Ethan

Back in Dar
39. One last Mojito Friday
40. One last trip to the beach
41. One last breakfast at Epidor

In Lusaka 

42.  I need to unpack and sort the house.
43. Also want to have breakfast at Mugg and Bean in Lusaka.
44. Buy a rug for the dining room
45. Learn my way around the city

Ok, I need to think of 5 more things.
But can't think of any at the moment. 
So here's my list of 45 things!


Ashley said...

45 works!!!! these are fun things. :)

I'm Jennifer. said...

Great list! What kind of tattoo would you get?
You are the first person I've ever known who lives in Tanzania. Looking forward to reading more about your family's international adventures!

Petits Choux said...

great list, fascinating blog. a good friend just left dar--now in transition to lesotho. bon courage!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you have plenty to do! Hope you accomplish everything you set out to.

Stopped by from Mama Kat's

aeb. said...

Great list!! Thanks for sharing... visiting from over at Mama Kat's. Glad I found your blog-- I like it! :)

Sarah said...

Great list! You know, you and Ethan are totally invited to our big bday celebration on July 4th... ;)