Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writer's Workshop

1.) Last week you chose a 6 word memoir to share…this week elaborate. Tell us the story or thought process behind the sentence you wrote.

Ethan James Nisbet. July second. Toronto

Those were my six words. 
And while it's pretty obvious why it's a memoir, 6 years ago, I would not have thought it would be.

A lot of my mates get married and start their family within a year or two.
Scott and I didn't.
When we first got married, we talked about having 2, possibly 3 children.
We moved to Korea, and we went down to one, maybe two children.
Then after a year or two here, we were down to none, maybe one.

So, after seven years of marriage, Scott and I finally decided we were grown up enough to start a family. 
Our first try wasn't successful.
I had an ectopic.
All the pregnancy tests I took came out negative, so we didn't know.
Until my fallopian tube exploded.

Six months later, we learnt we were expecting Ethan.
I often refer to him as my miracle baby.

Since then, we've had a couple other unsuccessful attempts.

But no matter what happens.
Ethan James Nisbet 
will forever be
My little miracle
My baby
My handsome little boy.


Paulette said...

Awesome. Just an awesome 6 words and full of meaning!

bridgesburning said...

Wonderful absolutely wonderful!
Just popped in from Mama Kat to say hi!

Faiza said...

a handsome miracle for sure!