Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

I am probably one of the few people
who did not like
So when I saw
Dark Places
in the bookstore this summer,
I kept on walking.
I stopped and picked it up.
I read the back over.
And then, 
I bought it!
And I don't regret it!

When Libby Day was 7 years old,
her mother and two sisters were murdered.
She testified against her 15 year old brother,
and he was sentenced to jail.

25 years later,
Libby is approached by a group called
The Kill Club.
They believe that Ben is innocent
and want her to help prove it.

Unlike many mysteries,
where half way through I
think I know who did it,
here I really wasn't sure.
The story jumps from the day of the murders
to present day.
Flynn gives you glimpses 
into what was going on
on the day of the murder
with everyone in the family,
and allows you to make your own conclusions.

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