Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creating Cultures of Thinking - Ron Ritchhart

I'm a huge 
Cultures of Thinking fan.
I try to incorporate thinking routines
into my lessons.
I've started looking at ways to make
thinking visible.
I've started focusing more on
the thinking
and less on 
the knowledge.

came out with a new book,
you know I had to read it.

Creating Cultures of Thinking
breaks down the 8 forces
teachers and schools need to look at
to ensure they are in fact
creating these cultures.

The eight forces that share culture are:
1) Expectations - what you expect for students not of them
2) Language - name the thinking that goes on
3) Time - do you give students time to think?
4) Modeling - teachers should model thinking
5) Opportunities - create learning opportunities that are inviting
6) Routines - besides daily transition routines, thinking routines are also important
7) Interactions - shape meaningful collaboration and learning
8) Environment - that shows you value learning

Reading this book
has made me reflect on my own practices.
Do I emphasis learning and thinking
as much as I could/should?
It has also made me 
look at the different classrooms I teach it.
I look at their use of space
and what it shows that they value.
It makes me think about my own classroom
(when I have one)
and what I want my students
to know I value.

If you want a book to make you think
about your own teaching practices,
in a good way,
this is the one for you.

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