Thursday, May 28, 2015

Writer's Workshop - A Visit with the Principal

Tell us about a time you were sent to the Principal's

It was the third grade.
I was a fairly quiet one.
I think.
I was a pretty decent kid.
I think.

But that was all about to change.

One winter day,
I took the school bus home.
We had those bus patrols.
You know,
those sixth graders,
who wore a bright orange sash,
and were allowed to walk
and stand on the bus,
while everyone had to be seated.
Someone behind me
wrote in the frost on the window.
I turned to my friend,
sitting next to me,
to see if she could figure out what was written.
I recall me just turning my head.
But maybe,
and I highly doubt it cos I was a good kid,
I stood up.
All I remember
is one of the bus patrols
coming up to my friend and I
pointing into our faces and yelling
"I'm reporting you!"

I was a good kid.
Being reported on was a big deal.
What it entailed?
Darn if I know.
I just remember being terrified.

So the next day,
I quietly get on the bus.
I don't look up, side, or back.
I get to school,
And then it happens.
I'm saved
(or so I think).

My friend's older sister
didn't do her homework
or something
and doesn't want to get in trouble.
So she comes up with a brilliant plan.
And I mean brilliant.

We skip school!
We walk home
(it's bloody winter)
and hang out in her backyard
(did I mention it's winter?)

After what seems like hours,
we hear a car,
and there is my friend's parents.

Turns out,
a friend of mine
saw me on the bus,
saw me leave
and told on me.
The school called my mum
and my friend's mum
who then came to get us.

We were dragged to school
you guessed it
we went straight to the
Principal's office!


Emily said...

Things always seem like a good idea when you're a kid doesn't it? Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Jerralea said...

Wow, I'm surprised you stuck out hanging out in a backyard in winter! I'm too fond of my creature comforts to have done that!

Makes a funny story, now, though!

Kathy said...

It seems to me that the "escape" from the punishment for standing on the bus was probably worse than the punishment itself..... brrr! It's funny how kids don't think of that when hatching these plans :)

Mama Kat said...

Haha! Whoops, caught! I did a similar thing in Kindergarten and also got caught. My Mom was SO angry!