Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking

I've been in vampire withdrawl, so I thought this was the perfect way back in. My Blood Approves, is a quick read and gave me a bit of my vampire fix. :)

Alice lives in Minneapolis with her younger brother, Milo, and her mom. Kind of. Mom works alot, so basically Alice and Milo take care of each other. One night out, she meets Jack. They develop a friendship and she meets his family. She meets his brother, Peter, and is instantly drawn to him. He, however, doesn't seem to reciprocate the feeling. She soon learns that Jack, and the rest of his family, are vampires, and she is meant to be with Peter. The twist here is Jack has fallen for Alice, and she has a connection with him, that doesn't seem to make sense since she's apparently Peter's soul mate.

I've read some reviews where people compare it to Twilight. Both Twilight and My Blood Approves have a character named Alice. Both books are about vampires. Both books are a part of a series. And the vampires have a close knit family that openly accept the human female. That's about it. Oh wait, sometimes I really wanted to smack Alice like I felt with Bella. 

When I started reading the book, I told my mate it sounded a little like Vampire Diaries. Again, here's a tale of a teenage girl who falls for two vampire brothers. And that's it!

I love a bad boy, but I fell in love with Jack, and hated how Alice would forget about him whenever Peter was around. I'm not sure if the author meant for me to root for Jack or not, but then, she shouldn't have made him so wonderful!


Yes I Blog said...

I do so love a good Vampire book! Going to check and see if this series is available at my library.

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Good review! It's on my tbr list.