Thursday, March 17, 2011

Student Led Conferences

Today, at school, we had our Student Led Conferences. These are a great way for the students to show their parents what they do and to share with them how they think they are doing.

Today was Ethan's first SLC. teeheehee. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Ethan.

You can tell that the EC kids had a few practice runs. We walk in the classroom and Ethan is handed a clipboard and pencil. The tour is about to begin. 

"This is the puzzle area. Here we can do puzzles."

"Here is the the construction area. We can build with blocks."

"This is the art area. We can do art here."

"Ethan, are you going to do any art for me?"

"It's not yellow on my paper. This is the math area. It's yellow. I can show you something."

Next Ethan showed me the computers. He showed me how he can play some games. I was really impressed with how he was able to control the mouse. 

Our next stop was at the writing centre. Here Ethan made me a lovely picture of a dragon with fire. He then showed me his sound card. "This helps when you need to do your writing but can't remember how to write the letter."

Each time Ethan completed a task, he'd mark it on his schedule. I was also shown the listening area, and the hospital (dress up).

After we visited all the centre, it was time for I Tell. Ethan took me to the calendar. He, very softly, sang me the days of the week song, and showed me where the dates are written, and where it shows his daily schedule.

Ethan couldn't remember what was next, so he had to check his schedule. Portfolios was up. I loved looking at all the projects Ethan's done over this year. 

Our final stop was Two Stars and a Wish with his teacher, Sajeda. During the week, Ethan reflected on 2 things he was proud of, and one area he felt he needed improvement on. Ethan felt he was good at playing on the computer, and was good at maths. He felt he needed to get better at writing in his journal. Sajeda also reflected. She likes how he perseveres with tasks that are challenging and is good at hearing and recording sounds in his writing. Her wish was that he start solving small problems on his own (Kelso's Choices Ethan!) And now it was my turn. I knew we would do this, but I felt unprepared. I wish I had spoken with Scott and we could have come up with some together. On my own, I have to say I'm really proud of Ethan's enthusiasm for maths. He's always looking for patterns and trying to add. I'm also impressed with how well he's able to decode letters, sound them out, and read. My wish, well, Ethan my dear, your teachers all say you listen well to them, and don't argue, I so wish you would transfer that with me!

I had a few minutes left after Ethan's conference before my next ones (with my class) began, so I asked Ethan if he wanted to show me one of his Specialist classes. He chose Music. Mr Innocent set up some instruments and asked the children to play one and sing a song. 

I really loved today. I only wish Scott were here to see it. Next year, Ethan will be in Kindergarten. I can't wait to see what he's up to there!


sajeda said...

Lol! I loved reading how all our hard work was received!! Ethan did fantastic!

Kim said...

Looks like he has a fantastic class. I love that he couldn't show you any art because it wasn't yellow. What a rule follower. :-) Way to go Ethan.

Faiza said...

i love this kid! you must have been so proud!

Yes I Blog said...

I gave you an award over at my blog! Come by and check it out!