Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writer's Workshop

What would it take for you to pick up and move?

Almost 12 years ago, Scott was laid off. I had a maternity leave contract at a daycare in Ottawa. We always talked about travelling before really "settling down" and having children, so when we the opportunity to teach in Korea came up, we didn't have anything to stop us from going.

The plan was to be away from home for a year.

Twelve years later.....

Nine years ago we arrived in Dar. I'm not sure if ever really thought this would be our permanent home.If you told me nine years ago that we'd still be living here, I wouldn't have believed you. 

Then, when we were fairly certain this would be a long term residency, I still don't think we thought it would be permanent. When people asked us how long we planned to stay, we'd shrug our shoulders. We would say that if we ever had a child (pre-Ethan obviously) we would leave once he turned 5, as school at home is free. Well, Ethan will be five this coming July, and we have no intention to leave.

So what would it take for us to pick up and move?  I don't really know. This is our home, and we love it here. Scott's job is here, I love working at the International School. There are times we get frustrated here, but we take a little vacation for some R&R, and we're back.

So what would it take for us to pick up and move? Really, it boils down to work. If Scott were asked to move, or got offered something somewhere else. If he were offered an amazing package. As long as it's a safe place, there's an International School for Ethan to attend, and I could, hopefully, get some supply hours, why not?

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tori.nelson said...

Found your blog through Mama Kat's workshop and I'm so glad I did! Really interesting to hear a mom's perspective as she makes her home abroad!

Kim said...

How fantastic that you have been able to explore different places. I love that you consider yourself "home". I consider myself stuck. ;-)