Saturday, January 28, 2012


When I lived in Dar,
I was a, proud, member of the
 Dar es Salaam Hash House Harriers.

For anyone that isn't familiar with the Hash,
it's a drinking club with a running problem.

We use to meet every Monday night.
It was usually a 5k run or a 3k walk.
We'd then get back together,
form a circle,
sing silly songs,
and then have dinner.

I loved it.
I was even given a Hash name on my 3rd hash.

I even hashed when I was pregnant
(and stuck to drinking water).

However, after Ethan was born,
the hash was harder to do.
I went a couple times with Ethan,
carrying him in a sling,
but the hash was around his feeding time.
Then, as he got older,
the choice was between hashing,
or giving Ethan his dinner and putting him to bed.

I hadn't thought about the Hash in a long time.

Then a colleague of mine,
invited me to join her and her kids
to the Lusaka Hash House Harriers.

Yup her kids went!
Apparently the LH3 isn't quite as rowdy
as the DH3.
It's also a Saturday afternoon.

Ethan joined me when we went to a hash in December.
It was the mince pie hash.
It was a small hash, but we had fun.

We enjoyed it so much,
we went hashing again yesterday.

There were a lot more people there.

And we're off.

Ethan loves the hash.
This week, 
Ethan walked a dog,
and found a chameleon.

When he got tired,
Celia and Charlie
gave him a lift.

We got back,
and it was circle time.

First the hares entered, 

then the newcomers.
There were a lot of newcomers this week.

Celia had an announcement to make,
so she went in the circle.
Since Ethan was on her shoulders
he went in too.
And remembered to take off his hat.
(No hats in the circle.)

You know it's a good hash,
when your son finds a mate, 
and the two of them find the chalk,
and decorate your butt!