Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the tenth day....

On the 10th day of Christmas,
In Cape Town we found,
Ethan turned into a pirate,

Gorgeous blue flowers,
Ice cream in Franschhoek,
Manor House at Allee Bleue,
Flowers in Kirstenbosch,
Shopping at Century City!!!!
Dinner at Addis,
District Six history lesson,
Owl hanging with Ethan,
And Santa came to our hotel!!!!


Faiza said...

tell your handsome boy that i said "ARGHHHHHHHHH" (make sure to use your best pirate accent!)

Sue said...

That whole pirate thing would go down great with my grandsons!


Darlene said...

Ethan looked pretty darned good in his pirate outfit, complete with beard. It does sound as if you had a great time in Cape Town. That is just so far away from where I live that sometimes I have to stop and be aware that one of my good blogging friends lives in AFRICA, for goodness sake. I think it would be so interesting to take a trip to Africa but I'm sure it would be a lot different than my imagination could even begin to conjure up. Living in a city, would probably not be so different than living in a city here. There are just so many places that would be fun to experience though. I do wish that I had traveled more when I was younger.

Were you born in Canada, Tima, or did you just live there for awhile? It seems to me, you have seen a lot of the world and I do envy you that. I do think it is neat that Ethan is being exposed to so many different places. He seems to be so well adjusted and I love it that he loves to cook and bake so much!!

Kim said...

He makes one seriously cute pirate!!!