Friday, April 20, 2012

All She Ever Wanted - Barbara Freethy

I found this book on my Kindle.
I don't recall purchasing it.
When I went to read it's cover,
to refresh my memory,
it didn't sound like a book I'd normally choose.
So I'm guessing it's one of my free books.

I could not put this book down!
It may have been free,
but it is worth paying for.

Natalie is a doctor working in San Francisco.
One day, while at work
she hears about this fabulous new book out
called Fallen Angel. 
It's about a group of sorority girls.
They were the Fabulous Four.
But one night,
one of them falls off a roof, 
during a party,
 to her death.

Natalie is left stunned.
That sounds too much like what happened to her
10 years ago.
Not only are old wounds being opened,
but the author implies that Natalie pushed her best friend off the roof.

All She Ever Wanted
brings together the remaining three sorority girls.
They haven't seen each other or spoken to one another
since Emily's death.
They are determined to find out,
not only who the author is,
but if Emily was murdered.

During the course of it all,
Natalie is brought together with 
Emily's brother, Cole.
He was her first love.
He broke her heart.
He blames her for his sister's death.

Laura and her husband, Drew,
were college sweethearts.
But he's hiding something.
Could he be the author?
Or worse,
was he responsible for Emily's death?

Madison left the country before Emily's death.
She was, and still is, intrigued by Dylan.
But he's hiding something.
He was in love with Emily.
She never knew.
Could he be the author? Murderer?

While I gobbled this book up within two days,
I often had to put it down and breathe.
I loved the characters.
My heart went out to Natalie.
I suspected many of them
to be the culprit.
It was great!


Darlene said...

This sound like another one for my Nancy. Tell me, Tima, are you changing your reading pleasure from vampires to mysteries now? Now that would be a huge change, or is this just a little "mystery interlude?"

Sue said...

Yep, like my mom, I was thinking Nancy would like this one, too.

It sounds pretty intriguing.