Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Larkstorm - Dawn Rae Miller

I really need to stop reading books that are part of a trilogy or series,
unless the whole set is published.
I get myself wrapped into the lives of these characters,
and forced to wait
before getting the HEA.

I'm all about books where the author's voice is terrific.
I love books with, not just strong characters,
but characters you actually care about.
I found that here,
in Larkstorm.

In my world of vampires,
I shifted to a dystopian world
with light and dark witches.

Lark Green has grown up in a world where she believes everything the State tells her.
She's a rule follower.
She knows she'll be bound to Beck.
She knows the State will choose her career.
She trusts them when they tell her the Sensitives are evil.
That is,
until Beck is accused of being one.

Determined to prove his innocence,
or at least learn the truth,
Lark embarks on a quest
where she learns that Sensitives means witches,
and she's one.
A powerful Dark one.
And her beloved Beck,
a powerful Light one.

Odds are,
they are destined to kill each other.
They were never meant to fall in love.

Lark must sacrifice being with the one she loves,
to keep him alive.

And I must wait,
for them to reunite!



Sue said...

I like witch stories.


Darlene said...

Another good read for you. How have you found time to read so many lately? I always have a book going, but I rarely have time to read one all the way through in such a short time. I hope Ethan grows up to be an avid reader like you!

Darlene said...

I have no idea why this posted twice. I must have thought the first one didn't go through. I have been having some problems with some of my comments lately. Sorry about this.

Sarah said...

Sounds good! Will add to my TBR list. :)