Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conversations with Ethan

Ethan and I left Lusaka,
yesterday morning,
for a little R&R in Dar.

We flew from Lusaka to Nairobi,
had about an hour and half layover
then on a flight to Dar.

We get on the Dar flight, 
and I lean back and close my eyes.

E: Mama, are you sleeping?
Me: No luv, just resting my eyes.
E: How about I hold your hand and wake you up when we go in the air?
Now if your hand moves this way, it means I'm looking out the window, 
so you don't need to worry. And don't let go.
Maybe I can let you sleep and wake you when we get to Dar.
Oh, mama, 
how about I wake you if they bring something to eat?
Maybe we should put the pillow here,
so your hand is on something soft.
Mama, why are you not sleeping?
Me: Because you keep talking!

As we are landing,
Ethan tells me how excited he is about seeing all his mates.
But he will miss Cara.
Me: Is Cara your new girlfriend?
E: (very sheepishly) Yes.
Me: Are you going to marry her?
E: Well, if she says yes. If not, I know I'll marry Connor's sister in Chicago,
because she is also very cute.
Me: What about Brit? (Ethan's teacher's 16 year old daughter.)
E:  Well, she's much taller than me, so I don't think she'll like that.


Sue said...

What a funny conversation...