Sunday, April 15, 2012

Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson

Thursday I had lunch with a mate of mine.
We were discussing books, 
and how if you Google
the top 100 bestsellers in the UK
and in the US,
they were not the same.

That night,
I checked out Amazon UK
and found Before I Go to Sleep
on their bestseller list.

So I thought I'd give it a try.

The book begins with
Christine Lucas waking one morning.
She finds herself in a bed she does not recognise.
There's an old man next to her.
And he's married.
Oh no, she thinks.
Not only did she get so drunk
and had a one night stand,
but it's with some old guy
in his house!

But Christine soon learns that she is no longer in her twenties.
This old man,
is her husband, Ben.
They have been married for 22 years.
Almost 20 years ago,
she was in a car accident.
She has amnesia.
She wakes up every morning,
with no memory of the years before. 

Christine meets a doctor
who wants to help.
He encourages her to keep a journal.
Through her journal,
Christine learns about herself
and her husband.
But instead of getting answers,
she has more questions,
and doesn't know who to trust.
Not even her ever-loving,

I enjoyed the way the book was written.
It kept you guessing all the way though.
Is Ben lying?
Or is he trying to protect her?
What's Dr Nash's role?
Who is he?
Does he want to harm her?

I've read reviews where people hated the ending,
and although I would have been happy with more,
I think it ends perfectly.


Sue said...

That one sounds intriguing!


Darlene said...

Now THAT sounds like an interesting book. I must say though that I favor happy endings and this one sounds as if it might not be the kind I like. Still, I know that some of those off putting endings seem very right for the story so who am I to judge? You must read very fast. I only allow myself to read in the evenings after dinner because if I didn't, I would want to be reading all day long and then I wouldn't get much done in my house. I have to be very disciplined about that. I hope that one day Ethan will love to read too. My husband, Dick, never read much when he was growing up. I think he has too short of an attention span. He "reads" some magazines, the newspaper and this darned computer. But he really just scans everything quite quickly. It's funny though, I challenged him to read one of the books that Sue recently sent me on my kindle and he took the challenge and has been reading all day. It is a book that I thought he could relate to and was I ever right!! I don't think I have ever seen him so engrossed in anything before, so maybe there is hope for him yet. The name of the book is "When I Found You" by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.